Guiding You To Living and Loving with All of Your Heart

We all wear many hats.  And so do I. Along with being a relational psychologist and sex therapist, I'm a healer dealer,  a sweaty CrossFit junkie, a life long-learner, a retired English teacher and lover of literature. I'm a long-term joy and pleasure seeker, a rock climber and outdoor adventurer, a yoga teacher, a deep-diver (and SCUBA certified!), a world citizen, and I enjoy a nice, steaming cup of coffee in the morning.

Voyage LA reached out to connect and I shared more of my story. Click here to read the article.  

More than that though, I'm a human being (doing) his best to spread love and authentic connection in the world. I'm a risk-taker and courageous conversation starter. I lead with my heart and use my mind to direct the journey. Not the other way around. I've had to learn to get out of my head as a way of living, and feel what's happening with my heart and body. Our body and being able to feel it is one of our most instinctual assets AND allows us to really feel another. 


One of my passions is helping men and women get back to who they truly were meant to be in this world--a sacred being having a human experience!

I know the pain of disconnection with my partner.


I know what it is to love with tenderness and an open heart. 


I know what it feels like to fight for love like it was my last breath. 

Every relationship has taught me how to love deeper, be present and connect in more vulnerable ways. I bring every part of my experience, growth and learning into a session.


I've devoted my life to the understanding and development of loving, intimate and sexual relationships. It brings me alive. Love has a way of doing that!

As a relationship educator and therapist, I want to help everyone I work with love better and with a depth that resonates to their core. (That's the Deep Diver in me!)


If you know what that feels like and don't have it, that's painful.


If you want it, but don't know how to get it, that's painful.


We spend so much time searching for the perfect lover, rather than focusing our passion on creating the perfect love. Every one of us has the capacity to create. At your core, you are love.

Let me help you create.

A few more tid bits about me...

Although I taught middle and high school for 15 years, my students schooled me on how to really listen with empathy. I don't mean the, "OK, I'll have to think about it and let's move on" kind of listening. I mean the "Wait, let's slow down so I can understand you" kind of listening.

After graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Psychology, I worked for 2 years at residential treatment center for abused and neglected boys aged 5 to 18. This is where my interest in leading boys into manhood started.

Even though I've branched out and have lived in California for over 20 years, my roots are still small town, where connection to others matters.


I've lived overseas and traveled to over 20 countries around the world: Trekked to Everest Base Camp, Safaried in Kenya with the Masai Mara, Scuba dived the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Backpacked in Thailand, Toured the Italian coast with my lover, and so much more. Life is not to be lived in the library, but experienced with others.

© 2018 by Ben Culhane, Psy.D. 

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