Couples Therapy

Reach for each other again.

Trying to communicate and yet it just isn't working?


You seem to have tried every way you can think of to communicate with each other. And yet, it seems like you have the same argument again and again.

If you're feeling unimportant, like you don't matter, like you're not even on his radar, then you've come to the right place.

If you're feeling like you can never get it right, like you always disappoint her, that there's nothing you can do to make her happy, then you are are also in the right place.

Both of you are frustrated. I get it. You just want to make it better. I help couples learn how to make it better.


Get the tools you need to communicate and be heard. You both want the other person to "get it." You will learn how.

I have a passion for helping couples create deeper connection and intimacy. I will help you not only be closer but feel closer with each other.   

Are you ready to try something new and connect with each other?

Couples Workshop

What's your legendary love story?

Your busy lifestyles often make it difficult to stay connected with each other.

You’ve gone from a shared life to individually complicated schedules constantly demanding your time.

Yet, you want your relationship to last for the long haul.

You miss the fun, love and passion that connected you in the first place.

What if you could shift back from “me” to “we” in just 2 days?

Legendary Love Story Workshop includes:

This unique experience allows you both to devote yourselves to rediscovering, remembering, and rekindling the passion in your relationship. Nearly four months worth of therapy.

  • Learn how to stop having the SAME destructive argument pattern over and over.

  • Get to the heart of and design your shared goal for your relationship

  • Repair the resentments between you

  • Learn practices for courageous conversations

  • Therapist-led exercises for forgiveness and letting go

  • Understand both you and your partner's past relational wounds AND

  • Tap your intuitive ability to care for and support the healing of your partners wounds

  • Know how early attachment relationships have affected your romantic relationship and what to do about it. 

Exclusive Couple intensives

Sometimes healing hearts takes loving guidance and intense focus


Couples looking for an intensive experience are often in a significant amount of distress. Maybe the “D” word has been danced around. Something needs to change. 


This exclusive couples intensive addresses many specific needs and topics at once:

  • Communication

  • Conflict

  • Career Concerns

  • Parenting

  • Intimacy

  • Infidelity

  • Sexual issues

Intensives are offered in-office. 

Intensive Includes:

  • 15-minute consultation phone call

  • Six-hour intensive session

  • As a post-intensive bonus, you’ll receive two 50 min follow-up sessions

An intensives is designed to help you:


- Learn Vital Relationship Skills

- Develop Appreciation in Your Relationship

- Learn How Communication Skills Work

- Heal Past Hurts

- Share so your partner "gets it."

- Manage Conflict

- Improve Intimacy, Friendship and Romance

- Nurture Emotional and Relational Intelligence

- Increase Joy and Playfulness

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