We don't always see what's under the surface

If you're ready to FEEL differently about your past and move forward in your life, give me a call. 

If intruding images or unpleasant thoughts are taking over your life, EMDR might be just right for you.

If any of your regrettable experiences of infidelity, abandonment or neglect, bullying or verbal abuse, childhood or recent events have left you with emotional or psychological pain, anxiety or fear, you are not alone.


If your past is causing problems in your current relationship, EMDR can help you get over your past and start living in the present.


There is hope and a way through. I've helped many of my clients overcome the unwanted emotional pain from their past. 

Trauma comes to us in as many shapes and sizes as we are human.


Trauma might stem from a single event (like a car accident), leaving you feeling uneasy about about the event (driving, in this case). Experiences like an affair can be extremely traumatic in our lives.


The event may create mildly to extremely disturbing thoughts or feelings connected to the place, person, or thing associated with that happened. 


It might be caused by multiple episodes (repeated similar events) that create fear related to the event, a place or a person.


Trauma might be complex (repeated and various multiple episodes) that have cut us so deeply that we feel triggered when anything or anyone even comes close to the wound.

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