Individual Therapy Options

I'm happy that you're here. Maybe you're looking into the next steps of how to feel like a better, happier version of yourself. Maybe you aren't sure what you need to do, but you know that it needs to be something.  Maybe your're tired of feeling:

  • Depressed

  • Anxious or Panicked

  • Angry

  • Addicted or Obsessed

  • Hurt in your relationship

  • Confused or Lost

The good news is that there is a path to overcoming your personal struggles. I have helped so many others find their strength and overcome their challenges and learn to stand in their most courageous and beautiful versions of them-selves.

Taking the first step can be difficult. Allow me to help.

Men, read before applying! 


I work with a select handful of men who:

Want to live and love more consciously.

Want to own the power of your own heart and see the ego trip of money, physical strength and knowledge for what it is--False Empowerment!

Want to feel whole and complete, not because a partner completes you, but because you want to add to your life.

Want to re-awaken and use your intuition to succeed in life.

Want to experience a deeper connection in your relationships.

Want to see how your social conditioning and programming has sold you short and work to free yourself from everything that holds you back.

Want to do the deep inner work, look at your shadows and bring them into the light.

Want to increase your emotional IQ and relationship development.


I give men the tools and mindset to change their lives and step into their relationships in a new, deeply tender and fiercely loving way that their partner's heart craves. 

Love, intimacy and sex are all expressed through your body. If you are closed off or "numbed out" from your body, withholding your vulnerable feelings from your partner, you are unable to truly connect in the way your partner longs for.


She knows it and feels it--that is the kind of intuition and emotional intelligence that I show you!


You must learn to feel yourself and your body--all of it--before you can give this kind of love, intimacy and sex to your partner. 

I help men stretch beyond their comfort zone and move through unconscious habits into a depth that requires generosity and service to the feminine.


Devotion to that level of generosity requires deep inner work so that you can give and receive love that is anchored in authentic self. Are you ready to do that work?

This practice is about the art of honesty and owning your truth. This kind of practice takes courage; not for the feint of heart, but for those men that want to live in and lead with their fiercely loving heart. Are you ready to look at and leave your shit behind? Click the link to apply.

Therapy from the comfort of your own space


Can't meet in person? No problem. Virtual sessions can be attended from anywhere with a wifi connection. Virtual sessions allow us to work together privately from the comfort of your own home or office. I provide video-sessions to people in California at your convenience.

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