Let's Talk about Sex

As a relationship therapist and psychologist, I offer an opportunity for both couples and individuals to explore sexuality and sexual selves on a deeper level. 

Our western culture has created a darkness around expressing our sexual health and experiencing light and truth in sexuality. At a purely biological level, sexuality is hard-wired, it is already within us. Puberty is the spark that ignites that natural fire. And yet sometimes...


For some of us, our sexuality developed in secret because we grew up learning never to breath a word of it. For others sexuality was never taught, nor was it celebrated and nurtured. 

Issues of personal  and relational sexuality can develop when we begin to express ourselves as sexual beings and the expression of that fire is met with ice.

Through repeated negative experiences, we may have even needed to smother the fire within. We learned that in order to be accepted, even loved, we must hide away our sexual selves, keep that part secret and ever more in the dark.

This darkness is part of what drives infidelity, sexual desire and arousal issues, even painful intercourse. Other issues include pre-mature and delayed ejaculation, as well as erectile dysfunction in men; in women, difficulty having an orgasm or never experiencing orgasm is common.

I am interested in understanding you as a person as well as how your sexual health affects your life and relationship. You will have a non-judgmental and comfortable space for you (and your partner) to share your struggles around sex and sexuality. You and (and your partner if it applies) will be guided toward you goals 

There is a path to increased sexual satisfaction and pleasure, even playfulness around and within your sexuality.


Give me a call and let me help you and your partner have the sexual relationship you want.

Deepening Intimacy Workshop

Intimate Communication     -     Embodied Experience      -     Deep Desire     -     Fierce Love

You Can Create A Deep, Lasting and Sexy Relationship 

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn how to invite your lover at any time, awaken the deep love and fire in your relationship and feel each other in ways you have only fantasized about.  

Imagine for a moment that every one of these skills can be learned and mastered. 

  • Learn how to have safe and vulnerable conversations about sex

  • Learn how to open and reveal your heart authentically and FEEL your partner with loving consciousness

  • Learn the art of mutually honoring each other intimately and sexually 

  • Learn how to create intimacy - at any moment

  • Learn ways to share and practice vulnerability

  • Learn to ask for what you want with courage and compassion so your partner can hear it

  • Learn practices that allow conscious awareness and embodied presence in any moment, sexual or not.

  • Learn how to share love so that your partner will receive it

  • Learn ways to overcome blocks to reveal your true self and sexual energy to your partner


     and much more!

...And know that you and your partner will leave with the communication skills, the tools and practices to master ALL of them -- all in the service of your loving connection.

© 2018 by Ben Culhane, Psy.D. 

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